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Exit 73 Studios

2013-02-15 10:49:50 by EXIT73STUDIOS

Exit 73 is a brand new Animation studio, whose goal is produce the highest quality product, and fund our independent shorts. We want to reach out to all our talented peers, for inspiration and ideas and keep fighting the good fight, to keep animation thriving!

Valentine's Day Massacre


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2017-03-09 16:26:09

So far pretty work amazing work. :) Though all this time without submissions... wonder if you just found your way back to NG? Do you have a site? Would be interesting to know a bit more about who you are, and what other mastery you might've been doing all this time. Welcome back.

EXIT73STUDIOS responds:

We found our way back here actually and thought it would be fun to release some of our work to see how the NG audience would take to our shorts. You can see more of our work here:

I'm glad you enjoy our work!


2017-03-14 10:45:21

Nice, thanks. Looks like there's still plenty of more work to look forward to too! :) Bit curious, are you responding to this Chris or Bob, or both, alternating in review and comment response duties? Always interesting to see the people behind the craft.

EXIT73STUDIOS responds:

Yes, it's Chris Burns... Thanks!